Providers already know how to deliver great care. Arizona Connected Care can support them in navigating the changing health care environment. We work closely with our providers to be sure they have the data and systems they need to succeed in a new paradigm of health care delivery and reimbursement.

Here are some of the approaches we offer to help drive practice transformation:

Utilization review: We offer the use of robust actionable data sets to display practice and provider comparative data on quality care, cost and utilization of medical services to drive positive changes in health outcomes as well as total medical cost.

Infrastructure review: Using a prototype of best practices, we work with medical staff to assess current procedures and identify areas where different approaches could increase efficiencies, making it easier for staff to do their work.

  • Additional ways to leverage electronic health records
  • Strengthening RAF coding system
  • Establishing clinic procedures to identify and track the health maintenance and wellness of patients
  • Developing a medical-team approach so all team members are working at the top of their license
  • Assessing whether additional software/systems could make the practice more effective

Care coordination: Arizona Connected Care’s Care Coordination team provides support, tools, interventions and assistance for patients as they leave the hospital for home or another care setting. We are also engaged in proactive population management of our “rising risk” patients to ensure better ongoing disease self-management to avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations. We can help determine best practices, work flows and communications approaches that are best for each practice.

Evidence-based medicine: We routinely share current best practice evidence to support decisions about the care of our patients. Each is carefully researched based on published national standards. That information is then compiled and developed by a subcommittee of the Arizona Connected Care board of directors. To access guidelins, click here.

Chronic disease management: Our shared goal is to keep our patients as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Critical to accomplishing that goal is the ability to aggregate and assess providers’ successes. We can help develop best practices to measure current quantitative and qualitative operational outcomes.

Patient education: Helping patients stay well means reaching out to them proactively for wellness reviews. It also means making them more aware of their role in staying healthy. We can help develop practice-specific approaches for determining how best to engage patients in their care.