For your good health, it’s important that your primary care provider knows about the medical care you receive in the medical continuum of care, from urgent care to home health, physical therapy and post-acute care. In order to facilitate this communication and assure quality care, Arizona Connected Care selects preferred affiliates and affiliates in a variety of specialties throughout our community.

Potential affiliates are surveyed and rated to ensure they meet basic criteria we have established relating to the quality of care they provide patients. They must also demonstrate their willingness and ability to communicate information about your care with your primary care provider. Preferred affiliates meet the basic standards, but have better reporting capabilities.

Tucson Medical Center is our preferred hospital because it meets our criteria for high quality patient care, consistently high rankings in patient satisfaction, commitment to continuous improvements in access to and through its emergency department, and willingness and ability to keep referring physicians in the loop on their patients’ medical care. Tucson Medical Center is a founding member in Arizona Connected Care.

Below is information about our other affiliated partners. Preferrred partners are identified with the cactus icon.However, it should be noted that all participants listed have demonstrated commitment to quality and remain highly engaged in our post-acute collaboration efforts.

Post-Acute Care: After a stay in the hospital, patients may need an interim level of care before returning home. These following facilities have been designated as our post-acute care providers:

Phone: 294-0005 Fax: 741-8742

Seal of Approval.jpg La Canada
Phone: 797-1191 Fax: 531-2052

Brookdale-La Rosa
Phone: 742-6242 Fax: 877-9104

Life Care Center
Phone: 575-0900 Fax: 877-8643

Casas Adobes
Phone: 297-8311 Fax: 297-7124

Seal of Approval.jpg Mountain View
Phone: 797-2600 Fax: 797-3100
Seal of Approval.jpg

Catalina Care Center
Phone: 795-9574 Fax: 795-0189

   Seal of Approval.jpg Park Avenue
Phone: 882-6151 Fax: 620-1546

Copper Health
Phone: 825-4669 Fax: 825-4569

Pueblo Springs
Phone: 296-2306 Fax: 290-1142

Devon Gables
Phone: 296-6181 Fax: 296-5422

Sabino Canyon
Phone: 722-5515 Fax: 886-8082

Phone: 325-4800 Fax: 320-6416

Seal of Approval.jpg Sante
Phone: 300-6115 Fax: (844) 658-9555

Phone: 325-4800 Fax: 320-6416

Seal of Approval.jpg Villa Maria
Phone: 325-4800 Fax: 320-6416
Seal of Approval.jpg

Phone: 299-7088 Fax: 529-4039

Home Health Care: After a hospitalization or stay at a post-acute care facility, patients may need some assistance when returning home. The following three home health agencies have been designated as preferred providers:

Seal of Approval.jpg

Amedisys Home Health
Phone: 325-9056 Fax: 325-9101


Seal of Approval.jpg

Dependable Home Health
Phone: 721-3822 Fax: 762-7841

Seal of Approval.jpg

At Home Healthcare
Phone: 498-2288 Fax: 498-4693

Encompass Home Health
Phone: 320-6578 Fax: 327-0163

Seal of Approval.jpg

Bayada Home Health
Phone: 721-8800 Fax: 721-5007

Kindred At Home
Phone: 731-1333 Fax: 731-2722

Brightstar Care
Phone: 901-6587 Fax: 901-6589

Patient Care Advocates
Phone: 546-4141 Fax: 546-7002