Spegman.jpgThere is one essential reason I believe in the work Arizona Connected Care is doing: At its core, it’s the right thing to do.

Health care is going through a dynamic change. There have been seismic shifts in payment reform and in expectations placed upon practices and providers – and those changes are only accelerating.

The good news is that our efforts have provided us with a road map to successfully navigate these complex times.

Since we entered this space in 2012, we have done remarkably well in meeting the goals we set out to accomplish: Increasing the quality of the care we deliver, driving down costs through greater efficiencies, and improving patient satisfaction.

Consequently, we have made a compelling demonstration that our approach continues to be successful in helping primary and specialty care providers, as well as patients, in this evolving national direction.

Along with the three-part aim, I think we have another role to play as well – and especially given the growing awareness of the quality and safety of patient care. We have to fundamentally ask how we can best support our caregivers who are on the front lines of care delivery.

We know our health care systems can be made safer. We know our healing workforce is committed to improving the health of people throughout our region. Our pledge, as founding leaders of this effort, is to continue to work to provide a model that will guide them as we strive together to continuing doing the right thing for patients and providers.

Douglas J. Spegman, M.D.
Chairman of the Board
Arizona Connected Care