Arizona Connected Care – a model for healthier communities

Arizona Connected Care, Southern Arizona’s first accountable care organization, has worked since 2012 with a goal of creating a healthier community while driving down increases in health care costs.

Our health care delivery organization includes:

  • 243 primary care providers
  • 183 specialists and 225 preferred specialists
  • 26 preferred ancillary providers (urgent care, home health)
  • Tucson Medical Center as our hospital partner

Our approach is to support quality care that emphasizes wellness, disease prevention, a proactive focus on chronic disease care and a smooth transition back to the community if a patient is hospitalized.

When health care works the way it should, patients experience more ongoing preventive care and chronic disease management, providers have more supportive coordination of care and actionable data to gauge the quality, cost and utilization of care they deliver, and the health care system that has for so long served as a safety net for people will be more sustainable.

Our Leadership

Arizona Connected Care is a physician-driven organization. The board of directors is comprised of physicians, executives of community health centers, patient and community advocates, and hospital representatives. Together, these individuals – and their perspectives – provide a well-rounded approach for decision making for our organization.

Read from our chief executive officer, chief medical officer and chairman of the board about the path of Arizona Connected Care and how the ACO aims to deliver quality care while containing costs.

Additionally our board committees and alliance with our federally qualified health centers help keep our efforst aligned with the needs of our patients and our community.