Delivering efficient care for business, quality care for employees

It might sound counterintuitive, but quality care is our approach to reducing per capita health care costs, whether that’s helping patients better manage their chronic diseases, ensuring smooth transitions when patients leave the hospital for home or supporting their efforts to prevent illness in the first place.

By leveraging technology and data, and by coordinating care, Arizona Connected Care’s network provides the right care at the right time to every patient. Arizona Connected Care delivers:

  • One of the lowest total cost of care of any ACO in the state, averaging 10 percent less than competitors
  • Excellent quality scores on contractual disease monitoring measures
  • Focus on evidence-based medicine protocols
  • Employee education
  • High-touch, high-tech approach
  • TMC volume discounting

How do we know the approach works? TMC’s self-funded plan has seen a 10 percent reduction in costs over the past four years. Can your business say the same?